Unless noted, all products are updated and published monthly and based on a full census of permits issued, recorded escrow closings, and land sales closings, product and plan by plan price updates. We do not use interviews, sampling, or estimates for data collection.

Product Position Analysis

Product Position Analysis
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Product Description

$100 - Typical positioning analysis graph and a .pdf report detailing the results of the graphic analysis but will vary with your criteria. You will receive a firm price upon ordering.

The firmís sophisticated Magic Professional housing data application allows us to graphically plot the relative product positioning price/square footage of competing subdivisions selected for inclusion in the analysis and identifies the permit and closing activity of each subdivision include allowing a visual determination of the most successful subdivisions within the parameters utilized. The result is a graphic and a table in.xls format suitable for inclusion in a market analysis document or in a due diligence document.

A sample of a typical report can be seen by clicking on the thumbnail image on this page.

The price can vary based upon the criteria for inclusion that you designate.